What's talked about and how it's talked about, dictates what happens.

If we don't get it right – if our conversations are:

  • Fuzzy
  • Unskilled
  • Off target
  • Superficial
  • Repetitive
  • Ignored
  • Rubbish

... we're unlikely to get the results we are looking for.


What we need to know is -

          Exactly what to do in the moment

          And exactly when that moment is

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Jane Teaching

I teach people how to have effective conversations

... tricky conversations, discover conversations, coaching conversations and team conversations.


I offer my services in two ways

1. By teaching you how - training seminars, presentation and one-on-one coaching.

2. By coming in and mediating or facilitating for you.


My approach is accessible, relevant and practical, giving people the ability to go out and do something different tomorrow.

Jane took this stuff out of the too hard/fluffy basket and put in squarely in the middle of the table. Then she showed us clearly what to do about it.
— David Crowley, Scafit, Wellington/Palmerston North

Tricky Conversations

Things don’t turn to custard suddenly. We usually arrive in that place slowly – one failed or 'failed to have' conversation at a time.

Discovery Conversations

The quality of the conversation we have is directly related to the quality of the questions we ask.

Coaching Conversations

The nature of our blind spots is that we can’t see them.

Team conversations

Team conversations can be the lifeblood of an organisation or the clogged artery

Core Concepts

These are the fundamental principles and the core competences that are needed for all Core Conversation training.