Jane O'Shea

My scope is conversations – tricky conversations, stuck conversation, clarity conversations, more meaningful conversations. I am a trainer, coach, presenter, mediator and facilitator. 


I work in two ways: I either teach others how to communicate more effectively; or I can come in and facilitate or mediate the conversation.

I am extremely curious, with a deep interest in neuroscience, decision-making, brain plasticity and how we learn. I am fascinated with the concepts of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and the process of change. I have studied various models of communication, facilitation, questioning and mediation.


Years of working with people going through the process of change led to the realisation that the core of many problems was ineffective communication. From workplace stress, corporate burnout, people at crossroads, marriage breakdown or succession planning - the same themes emerged.


These themes came up over and over again: having the tricky communication without damaging the relationship; getting engagement with staff; building intrinsic motivation; untangling conflict; really listening; asking for what we need; getting agreement; asking the right questions; managing our own reactions; or facilitating and mediating others.


I believe what Jane’s teaches is the secret weapon for any successful business
— Sian Paterson, Blue School