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"Just caught up with a couple of people as they popped into the office after your training. The words they used - brilliant, amazing , outstanding , phenomenal! Wow thank you Jane for delivering such inspiring training - will be in touch as everyone now will want it!"

- Jacqui Graham, Joint Chief Executive, Wisegroup, Hamilton


"We both felt the course was one of the most useful and effective learning experiences we have had."

- Chris Garland, Baker and Associates, Wairarapa


"I had a challenging, high stake conversation on the cards. I was stressed and procrastinating because I didn't know how to approach it. After a couple of hours with Jane I knew what to do. I did it. It worked, way beyond what I had imagined possible."

- Logan Elliot, Managing Director, Highly Flammable,  Nationwide


"Always relevant. There is nothing vague about what Jane teaches. It is easy to follow, easy to grab hold of and presented in an interesting format."  

- Martin Ennor, Scallywaggs Education & Care Service, Hawkes Bay


"At its core, what Jane does is open up honest conversations, in a real-world, practical manner. What my staff and I took away could be used immediately. Actually, I keep a copy of the seminar summary notes in my desk and look it over before any tricky conversation."

  - Tim O’Connor, Principal, Auckland Grammar School


"Jane is a big part of my strategy for maintaining a healthy business."

- Janet Matheson, Conferences and Events, Wellington


"This is about getting back to basics of how we interact with each other. Once you get that right, the rest is easy."

- Sian Paterson, Director, Blue School


"I have noticed a difference in the confidence my management staff to have those challenging conversations, to address areas they had otherwise avoided. I have had continual feedback about how useful the seminar has been."

- Christine Leighton, Principal, St Andrews College


"The seminar was a series of watershed moments, blinding flashes of the obvious. I received new information, insight and real tools. It gave me pathways to do things differently, which I have and it is working."

- Donna Lewin, Manager, The Monastery


"This is not an average seminar - this stuff sticks"

- Aimee Perrett, Core Motivation


"I am as much in awe of the process as I am with the result"

Ben Brandzel, Executive Director, Online Programme Engagement Network


"I have moved from being someone who was negative and reactive, to a person who is open and positive, even to the point where others now ask my advice on communication. Jane’s coaching is fluid and relevant, related directly to what is happening in my work/home life. The changes have happened way faster than I had ever imagined".

- Tracey Beavan, MyFarm


"I wish I had learnt this stuff twenty year ago".

Dan Jex-Blake, Mangapoike


"Participating in your course was one of the best things I have done. I find myself referring to it on a regular basis"

- Jamie Gunson, JA Gunson & Co


"I have a growing confidence to tackle difficult and necessary conversations. It is surprising how much easier it has become now I have a clear structure to follow. An added bonus is the spill over into the way I now communicate with my children."                                                                                                   Angus Thomson, owner, Urlar Wines


"Jane O’Shea is a consummate professional with a great presentation style.  Her preparation is comprehensive and meets the unique needs of each audience she works with. She has designed and facilitated strategy seminars for the Tararua District Council Business Strategy Meeting and also for the Manawatu Gorge Biodiversity Group since 2011."

- Lianne Simpkin, Economic Development & Communications Manager, Tararua District Council


"Jane opened my eyes to what is possible when it comes to communicating with staff. Jane’s training is applied using real examples that I can immediately put into practice. The follow-up sessions give me the opportunity to try things out and then come back and ask more questions. This is not a one off imparting of information, it is an ongoing, practical training."

- Tam Wootton, Laboratory Manager, Medlab


"Jane O’Shea’s workshops consistently and noticeably lift the performance of my groups. Jane’s knowledge is easily absorbed through her engaging delivery; amongst many other things, participants learn on the spot how to get better results out of ‘difficult’ conversations. Who doesn’t need that?"

- Meg Rose, Facilitator


‘Thank you for all you’re doing for my team, it’s truly invaluable. What you’re doing is making a difference to people and within communities. I’m in awe of how you’ve dedicated yourself to this work and developed and expanded it so beautifully.’

            - Janet Matheson, Owner, Conferences and Events


“What Jane offers is accessible and applied. My staff could take hold of it and immediately apply it to their own communication situations. It was an advantage that Jane is not from our industry; she came with no assumptions and made it easier for the staff to absorb what she was presenting.”

- Mary-Anne Hewitt, Managing Director, Pelim, Christchurch


"I have a better understanding of myself and of others around me and now I get better results with the people I interact with."

- Stuart Taylor, General Manager, O’Brien Group


"Working with Jane has given me the key to unlock a whole lot of stuff that I had been struggling with for ten years. A huge burden has been lifted now that I have both insight and skills to see and do things differently. This is as much a process of self-discovery as it is of learning more communication skills".

- Renata Apatu, Managing Director, Ngamatea Station


"I even had a Mongrel Mob member say 'yes'  after the second sentence, after we arrested him. His entire demeanour changed after I empathised with his situation".

- Nathan Davis, Senior Sergeant


"This stuff is high value for what we are all wanting to achieve. Conflict resolution is often overlooked. We want more of this training."
                                                                                              - Step It Up Conference, Auckland

"Jane simplifies current scientific research into how we connect.  She magically teaches how to apply this to everyday communication."

- Aimee Perrett, Core Motivation


“Since the communication training the staff have been more conscious of not only how they tackle a conversation, but also how they listen and reflect. There is much more thinking about who they are talking to and how what they are saying will be received.”

-  Colin Birch, CEO, Wyma Engineering, Christchurch


"I found Jane’s Core Questioning seminar really valuable, and have put it into practice a lot in my business and personal life already."

- Georgie Fallon, Owner, Willow Shoes


"I believe what Jane’s teaches is the secret weapon for any successful business."

- Sian Paterson, Blue School


"Jane is clear and upfront. She is not scared to encourage people to tackle the challenges that they face. Her approach is holistic, she listens to more than the words, tuning into the energy of the person/situation."

- Che Wilson, Pou Arahi at Ngati Rangi Trust


"We have more confidence when communicating, especially when knowing what angle to come from when tackling problems. Ultimately what is important is every single client being happy."

- Sophie Griffin, Thistle Construction Company


"Jane hit the nail right on the head. The team's on fire!

- David Crowley, Managing Director, Scafit Ltd


“We asked Jane to help us move through a hurdle that had been tripping us up for years. Her innate intuition, and direct but respectful approach makes this process so fast and effective. She has a unique ability to hold the perfect balance between the business needs and the human needs, whilst extracting the issue from the most hidden corners of our busy lives. I truly believe she is an expert in her field.”

- Eve Clive-Griffin, Saluté Restaurant


"Our organisation had what felt like an intractable and insurmountable challenge. Jane designed a process and held a space for us to have a difficult conversation. It was one of the most profound conversations of my life - everyone brought so much of themselves to the dialogue. We found a clear resolution. I doubt there are many people who can facilitate at this level, and enable such powerful outcomes. Thank you Jane." 

- Megan Salole, Wellington


"Jane brings a non-traditional perspective, with tools that are accessible and relevant. She focuses on interpersonal communication within the business environment. My experiences working with Jane have been both enlightening and mind-opening."

- James McCarthy, CEO, Spidertracks, Auckland

"I arrived at the seminar skeptical and came away with a load of gems – both helpful and eye-opening. I now have much more awareness of how people respond to the way I communicate."

- Mary-Anne Monastra, Get Back In Action


"I found her workshop enlightening from a personal perspective, but also in regards to how others are influenced by how I communicate with them. "

- Leona Dan, Regional Midwifery Director