Team Conversations

Team conversations can be the lifeblood or the clogged artery of an organisation.


It's important to know how to facilitate a meeting in both formal and informal situations. Especially when the stakes are high, emotion is running hot or chillingly cold, opinions vary, you are going around in circles or lost in a rabbit hole. 

Time, energy, curiosity, enthusiasm, ideas and therefore money are lost when meetings are unproductive. 



  • Timely meetings, clear decisions, agreed actions, an implemented plan, with risk management and accountability included.
  • Stuff happens. Or gets addressed if it doesn't.
  • Everyone gets a say. Including the quiet ones, the loud ones, the sceptical ones, the big wigs, the small fry, the dreamers, the doers, the fighters and the pleasers. 
  • People look forward to meetings.
  • We keep out of rabbit holes.
  • Silo mentality disappears.

Types of team conversations

  •     Strategic direction
  •     Decision making
  •     Planning / implementing
  •     Reviewing
  •     Solving a particular problem
  •     Facilitating a meeting
I have noticed a difference in the confidence my management staff to have those challenging conversations, to address areas they had otherwise avoided. I have had continual feedback about how useful the seminar has been.
— Christine Leighton, Principal, St Andrews College