Core Presentations

How we say it and the intent behind our words is as important as what we actually say.


We get stuck when we:

  • Make assumptionsGet caught up in being right
  • Don’t understand the impact our communication style is having on others
  • Talk to people as if we are all the same
  • Become hard of listening
  • Fail to have the conversation
  • Things don’t turn to custard suddenly, we arrive at that place, one failed (or failed to have) conversation at a time.

Learn the art of skilful communication by:

  • Having a tricky conversation while still maintaining the relationship
  • Being heard in a way that builds engagement
  • Listening without getting triggered
  • Overcoming personal barriers
  • Having the structure and confidence to engage in crucial conversations
  • Dealing with resistance and conflict
  • Knowing how to rebuild shaky relationshipsUntangling complex situations