Teaching people how to have effective conversations.

Effective Conversations
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Effective Conversation

Business is all about the relationship with our clients, colleagues, customers, staff, suppliers, board members, subcontractors. And relationship is in essence an on-going conversation.

Core Conversations

Unskilful communication within any organisation is not only time consuming and inefficient, it deeply influences the culture. Clear, connected communication is the oil that allows a workplace to flow.

Core Questioning

What is talked about, and how it gets talked about determines what happens. Therefore having a pocketful of useful questions is invaluable, so is  knowing when to use them.

Core Coaching

Sometimes we trip over what we don’t know, unaware of what would make us a more effective co-worker, leader and communicator. 

Core Meetings

Move past meetings centred on problems and obstacles (oh but) to outcome, values and vision based conversations (yes and). Ensure your meetings result in outcomes, not simply outputs.

Core Facilitation

Holding a space wide enough so diverse views can we aired and understood, and at the same time keeping the group tight enough for there to be clear, actionable outcomes.

Core Mediation

No plan ever survives its collision with reality. Misunderstandings and confusion happen between individuals and within groups. Things get stuck, polarise and entrench or unravel.

This is about getting back to basics of how we interact with each other. Once you get that right, the rest is easy
— Sian Paterson, Director, Blue School